Do French Bulldogs Shed? ( How To Decrease Shedding)

So many people are smitten with French Bulldogs because they are adorable, family-friendly, and loyal puppies. According to the organization, the Frenchie breed was ranked the fourth most popular dog breed by the American Kennel Club in 2020. While French Bulldogs have a lot to offer in terms of personality, shedding isn’t always a pleasant experience. Fortunately, understanding the causes, finding effective ways to control it, and knowing what to do when there is excessive shedding may make it more than manageable.

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

The simple answer is that French Bulldogs do shed, and they can do it a lot. The reality of the issue is that all dogs, even those designated hypoallergenic, can shed to some level, even if the amount of shedding is tiny. This includes dogs that are certified hypoallergenic. 

At the very least, all breeds regularly lose their old or damaged hair. Depending on the breed, the French Bulldog sheds very little, usually losing their undercoat twice a year. As is the case with other dogs, Frenchies lose their undercoats in the summer to avoid being overheated. In order to keep warm in the winter, they lose their summer undercoat and develop a coat that is thicker than the summer coat.

Unlike other breeds, Frenchies have relatively short, fine hair, which means they don’t have much hair to lose and distribute all over your house and clothes. It also helps that the French Bulldog is a tiny dog, resulting in far less fur than many other breeds.

Why French Bulldogs Shed?

While the shedding of a French Bulldog is never terrible, some breeds shed more than others. How much your French Bulldog is shedding is influenced by a variety of factors, including age, weather, nutrition, and genetics.


The shedding of French Bulldogs occurs primarily during the summer and winter seasons. This allows them to escape some summer heat by shedding their undercoat. Then they lose their summer undercoat to grow a thicker coat for winter protection. When the weather is moderate, Frenchies shed at a reduced rate. If the weather there changes drastically, then your Frenchie will shed more, and if it doesn’t fluctuate too much, the dog won’t shed a lot. 


As is the case with many other canine characteristics, French Bulldog shedding is influenced by genetics. The MC5R-gene has an impact on how much hair your Frenchie will produce. This gene is expressed in the hair follicle glands, which are responsible for the production of sebum. This oily fluid moisturizes the skin. G-variant and A-variant versions of this gene exist, with the G-variant being the more common. Dogs with the G-variant shed a lot, especially when they are young. 


Young dogs are known to go through a puppy shedding period, during which they shed their puppy coat between the ages of four and six months. On the other hand, adult dogs may shed more than puppies because they are larger and have a greater surface area of hair than puppies. In any case, Frenchies are little dogs, even when they reach adulthood, and as a result, they shed less than larger breeds on average. So you can expect your Frenchie to shed a lot more as they change their puppy coat.


We are what we consume, and this is true for our dogs as well. The healthier the dog’s food, the better the dog’s health, so a well-balanced diet supplies the minerals and vitamins required to maintain healthy, strong hair follicles that do not break off and result in excessive shedding of the hair shaft. Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly well-known for supporting healthy hair development. Because dry skin can trigger hair loss, it is also essential to consume plenty of fluids when eating.

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How To Keep Your French Bulldog from Shedding Too Much

Even though Frenchies do not shed much, discovering stray hairs all over the house is not ideal. There are a number of tactics that may be used to aid with this. Not to mention that all of the suggestions for keeping French Bulldog shedding under control are easy things that we should do to care for our furry buddy. 

Regular Brushing

Many advantages may be gained from brushing your Frenchie on a regular basis. These include eliminating debris from their fur, dispersing natural oils, and getting rid of dead skin. And the most significant part is that frequent brushing gets rid of the loose hairs that might otherwise accumulate on your clothing, furniture, and floors. Brushing your dog’s fur with fine bristles makes it more pleasant for both of you, and some products even include a one-click clean feature. To make sure your dog enjoys brushing, provide incentives in treats.

Bathing And Shampooing Your Dog

As one of the cutest dogs on the planet, Frenchies benefit from frequent bathing because it keeps them looking good and helps with shedding since it loosens and eliminates hairs that are ready to shed.

In most cases, if your French Bulldog has healthy skin and does not get too dirty outside, four baths a year should be plenty for it. If your dog goes on an outside trip and becomes filthy or has a light-colored coat, it is OK to give him a few additional baths here and there during the year. The appropriate shampoo is also vital because Frenchies are renowned for having dry skin, so make sure you get the right one. Several products are available that are designed specifically for dry skin, giving you a wide range of alternatives.

Proper Diet

The higher the quality of your dog’s food, the nicer the coat they have. Fur that is robust and healthy will result from feeding your dog food with high concentrations of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. There is a wide range of different foods out there so make sure you read the package and pick the one with more Omega 3 and 6 so your dog can have the healthiest fur possible. 


The fact that water is one of, if not the most crucial component of their diet is something that many dog owners are unaware of. According to the ASPCA, canines should drink an ounce of water for every pound of their body weight daily. Your Frenchie should consume 20 ounces (or 2.5 cups) of water every day, depending on their weight in pounds.

Dehydrated skin is a significant contributor to hair loss. It may also increase the quantity of loose dog hair you discover in and around your house. For those of you who are having difficulty getting your dog to drink an adequate amount of water, here are some suggestions:

  • Clean their bowl and refill with refreshing water as often as you can
  • Give them ice cubes to chew on
  • Add some water to their food bowl along with food
  • Please give them a treat when they drink water to encourage the proper behavior


Supplements such as fish oil that include components such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and a high-quality diet may be pretty beneficial when it comes to losing fur. Not only does fish oil have beneficial effects on the skin and coat, but it also helps to maintain the strength of joints and bones.

French Bulldogs with a “Blue Gene” carrier are often more prone to allergies. These dogs can shed more than normal


What To Do If Your French Bulldog Sheds Excessively

You should consult with your veterinarian if your French Bulldog’s shedding appears to be moderate or excessive and you are unable to manage it. There might be a deeper issue that needs to be tackled. Here are some of the reasons why French Bulldogs shed excessively and some suggestions for how to deal with the problem.


Whether it’s medicine, shampoo, or anything in the environment, your dog may exhibit shedding symptoms if they are allergic to that substance. Try to find out what it may be through a process of elimination. Frenchies with sensitive allergies can tend to shed more than others.


As previously said, eating is quite essential. Include omega-3 fatty acids in your Frenchie’s diet, and make sure he gets lots of fresh water every day. Diets that are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids and water might result in skin disorders that cause shedding.


When something changes in the environment, such as moving into a new house, a dog might get worried and unhappy. A Frenchie’s hair can shed as a physiological response to a stressful circumstance so supplements and extra affection may be precisely what your dog requires.


They are susceptible to sunlight because of the thinness of their coat. Because sunburn dries out their skin, it might cause shedding. A cool compress applied to your dog’s sunburn will help ease the discomfort, but you should see your veterinarian whether medicinal therapy, like antibiotics, is required.


Ringworms and other fungal or bacterial illnesses might produce more significant shedding than usual. A veterinarian can advise you on the best course of therapy for your dog’s condition.


So while some dog hair is an unavoidable part of being a dog parent, understanding why French Bulldogs shed, how to regulate it, and the causes of excessive shedding may help us cope with it more effectively. While dealing with shedding might be a hassle, the joyous company that a French Bulldog can provide us makes a little more hair worth it.

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