How Big Do French Bulldogs Get? What To Expect From Your Frenchie

Being the owner of three French Bulldogs I have a pretty good spectrum of what how big a French Bulldog will grow to be. With all of my lovely girls having different weight and height variations.

Most French Bulldogs will fall in the 20-26 pound ( 9-12kg) range. Standing about 11-14 inches tall. However, this can vary from Frenchie to Frenchie . Some French Bulldogs can actually fall below the lower range as well as surpass the higher range . However for the most part your Frenchie should be in the range 20-26 mind range.

Fun Fact

American and Canadian Standard weight limt is higher than europes 20-26lb


How Big Will My French Bulldog Grow?

As mentioned there is a little variation in the weight and height spectrum of how big your Frenchie Will grow to be. First, know that French Bulldogs were bred to be lapdogs. There were not bred to be hunting or gathering dogs, they’re not meant for any type of sporting activities.

Also they’re different ranges in which the gender of a Frenchie will grow to be. Typically males are on the larger scale of the spectrum about 20-28 pounds, while a female is around the 16-24 pound range on average. If your Frenchie weights slightly more and less doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unhealthy.

These numbers are guidelines that the American Kennel Club (AKC) goes by to determine what qualifies a French Bulldog to be considered as a show dog. They have certain criteria for dogs to be considered eligible. With that in mind a healthy Frenchie should not weight more than 33 lbs.

Gender Male Female
Height 11-14 inches 11-14 inches
Weight 20-28 lbs 16-24 lbs
TIP: You can also get an idea on the spectrum of what your pup will be on by looking at the size of its paws.

In my opinion the best way to get the best estimate of how big your Frenchie will end up being is to take a look at the size of their parents. We were fortunate enough to be able to see the parent of two of our girls, Emma and Charlotte. While we only saw a photo of Emmas mother, we did get to see her father in person and he was a HUGE Frenchie. He was probably one of the biggest French Bulldogs that I have ever seen, even till this day.

True to her father, Emma ending up being on the larger size of the Frenchie specturm. While Charlotte turned out to be shorter just like her mother. So if you’re able to see the parents you can get a good idea of what to expect. Ask your breeder if they have any pictures or if the parents are available to see.


Whats the Average Length Of A Frenchie?

The average length of a French Bulldog around 18- 22 inches in length. However just like the weight and height of a French Bulldog, those numbers will vary depending on your dog. For example; For my dogs, Quinn and Charlotte are roughly the same length while Charolette is slight shorter just by a smidge.

Emma on the other hand is again, on the larger spectrum and actually is closer to the 24 in in length. With her front legs being a lot shorter than her back legs. This gives her a bit of what we like to call a ” sway back” look.

Emma is larger than most Frenchies.

When Will My French Bulldog Stop Growing?

Frenchies will typically stop growing around the 9-12 month range. You can often usually tell as with most dogs is by looking at their feet. Usually if their feet look a little bit too large for the body and legs then usually means they still have a bit of growing to do.

Some will grow faster than others and some may seem like it’s taking forever to grow. From personal experience, I have found that the former of the age range seemed to be the most accurate. Around the 9 month range it seemed that our Frenchies were pretty much at the size that they are now.

Of course if you have concerns about the growth of your Frenchie, then taking your pup to the vet for a thorough examination would be the best bet. The vet would be able to give you more information in regard to the state of your dogs growth.

You can also use the table below as a reference guide to the stages of growth at each age. Again, this is just a general reference and can vary.

Age Male Female
1 Month 4-7 lbs 3-6 lbs
2 Months 9-12 lbs 7-10 lbs
3 Months 10-14 lbs 8-12 lbs
4 Months 12-16 lbs 10-15lbs
5 Months 15-20 lbs 11-17 lbs
6 Months 17-21 lbs 13-16 lbs
7 Months 18-22 lbs 14-17 lbs
8 Months 19-24 lbs 16-18 lbs
9 Months 20-25 lbs 17-20 lbs
10 Months 22-26 lbs 18-21 lbs
11 Months 24-26 lbs 20-22 lbs
12 Months 26-28 lbs 22-26 lbs


When Will My Frenchie Be Fully Grown?

Around the 12-15 month range is when your Frenchie is most likely fully grown. While you can expect the height and weight of your French Bulldog to be pretty much complete before then. Your Frenchie still has some filling out to do and will start to fill in to it’s body as it starts to mature, giving it less of the “puppy” look and more of young adult.

You will start to notice that their heads seem to look a bit bigger, the breath of the shoulders and body seems a lot more solid.

Don’t Let French Bulldogs Size Fool You.

Re-caping everything laid out in this article. French Bulldogs are bred to be laptops. They are considered a small breed. However, do not mistake a Frenchie as a typical “small breed dog”. They are more like mini tanks.

Because they are so compact and muscular, French Bulldogs are solid. Most people will describe Frenchies as a large dog in a small body and that could not be more accurate. They will go toe to toe rough housing with the big dogs and not have to worry about them getting tossed around.

This makes them the perfect “small” dog to incorporate with larger dogs. Some people with smaller dogs may not want their dogs playing with larger dogs such as labs or retrievers.



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